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rental Conditions


Sweden Adventure tours owns the snowmobiles and the rental contracts are signed with Sweden Adventure tours. 

The person making a reservation, hereinafter called "the customer" is responsible for checking the booking confirmation and making sure that the confirmation is consistent with the desired reservation. We as providers will send the booking confirmation via email after the reservation has been made. The reservation applies to us as providers as well as for the customer as soon as the reservation has been made.

Payment (card, cash or invoice*) must be taken care of before the snowmobile is delivered to the customer. The customer is responsible for the payment up until the rental contracts are signed.

* Note that if an invoice is desired, the customer must request one by email at least 10 days before the date of delivery of the snowmobile.

⦁   Review your booking confirmation and make sure that the date of delivery and return is correct and that the number and type of snowmobiles/sleds/clothes etc. are correct.



Rental contracts are signed before we deliver the snowmobile and the person driving the snowmobile, 'the driver', will sign the contract. If the person who booked the snowmobile will also drive it, this person is subject to the conditions valid for both customer and driver. The driver is the one responsible for the payment after the rental contracts are signed.

In order to rent a snowmobile with us the driver must meet the license requirements for driving snowmobile. It is the driver's responsibility to be aware of the requirements. Driver's license requirements are specified in the table below (we reserve the right for updates of legislation). In general, if you have the right to drive a snowmobile in your home country, you also have this right in Sweden. Your driver's license should of course be valid.

The driver is responsible for the snowmobile and must comply with the applicable legislation and other regulations. The driver needs to have knowledge about prohibited areas and drive the snowmobile in a responsible and safe manner so that damage on the driver himself, others and the environment is avoided. If the driver does not comply with legislation or other regulations the snowmobile is withdrawn without repayment of the remaining rent.

The driver is financially liable for damages incurred on snowmobile, sleigh, equipment or the environment. Deductible for vehicle damage or theft is 10 000  SEK (otherwise in accordance with applicable insurance). If the key to the snowmobile is lost or damaged the driver will be charged 700 SEK for transcoding and for replacement of the key.

If the snowmobile somehow is damaged so that it can not be operated or leased the driver will be charged for the full rental period. If we can offer another equivalent snowmobile the driver can be offered to continue to drive a snowmobile during the remaining rental period without being charged for more than the original rent. If the snowmobile, because of the damage, is still not possible to lease after the rental period and we as providers can prove loss of rental opportunity with another customer the driver will be charged a downtime cost of 700 SEK per day.

The provisions on drunk driving also apply to snowmobiling. The vehicle insurance is not valid if an accident occur while the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or if the snowmobile sinks while driving over ice-covered waters. In this case, the driver is responsible for any costs.

All driving is at your own risk!

⦁   Make sure you have a valid driver's license. Refresh your memory regarding traffic rules and legislation. Drive sober and in a responsible and safe manner. Stick to marked trails and be sure to have a good knowledge of where you get to drive. Show respect for others and the nature!



Cancellations must be made via email to so that it is documented. You can of course call us if you have any questions.

If the booking is canceled within less than 7 days before the time of rental the customer will be charged half the rental cost. If cancellation occurs within less than 3 days to the time of rental the customer will be charged the full rental cost. The customer will not be charged if the cancellation is made for a specific reason (such as extreme weather assessed by the rental service or illness substantiated by a medical certificate).
If we as providers can not provide the snowmobile or other equipment in promised condition or at the agreed time and if we are not able to offer any other equivalent option, the customer or the driver has the right to terminate the contract and receive compensation minus the cost corresponding to what the driver has already utilized.

snowmobile driving license.jpeg
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