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Snowmobile safaris are suitable for everyone, even those who have never ridden a snowmobile before or those who like speed. We have several different guided tours to choose from that we hope will suit you.

Our incredibly popular guided snowmobile tour. We going for a ride around Hammarstrand and we will stop for Coffee break.

The trip takes about 2 hours (minimum 3 scooters)

Start Time 10:00. Price 1500: - per scooter (max 2 person share a scooter) .

A sportier trip, on this trip we ride from  hammarstrand to  böle - döviken - Överammer Hammarstrand. This tour will be at a slightly higher pace and including lunch.

Start Time 10.00. Price 2500: - per person (1500: - per person if 2 people share a scooter).
the trip takes about 6 hours (minimum 3 scooters)

1 & 2 OR 3 DAYS TOUR

We tailor a guided snowmobile tour according to your suggestions with overnight stays. Contact us for more information / Tel: 073 5729236
All tours start with a review of how to handle a scooter. Then we ride as a group on a wonderful trip through Ragunda's beautiful landscapes. Snowmobile clothing and helmets are available to borrow.

In order for the tours to be , it is required that at least 5 scooters are booked.

* Max 2 persons on each scooter.

* Minimum age for driving a scooter is 18 years with driver’s certificate or driving license.

In case of major damage to the snowmobile,  there is a self-liability risk of 10000 kr. In case of minor damage, the actual cost must be paid for spare parts + labor cost


Do you want to know more? contact us.

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